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How To Create A Facebook Fundraiser
Tips To Host A Successful Facebook Fundraiser


Visit, click “Manage” in the top left corner, and select your current fundraiser for the New England Humane Society.


Share your fundraiser on your timeline periodically up to your selected end date. Tell your friends and family why the New England Humane Society’s mission is so important to you. Share how much your pet means to you, why you choose to support the New England Humane Society, or why rescuing the sick, injured and abused makes such an impact. Tell your story!


Send private messages to your closest friends and family with a link to your fundraiser page. They may be more likely to donate with a personal message that is directed only to them.


Make sure to personally thank each person who gives to your fundraiser! Offering a genuine “thank you” on their posts within your fundraiser (“Thank you, John Smith, for donating $100!”) shows just how much their gift means to you.


Show your commitment to raising money for the New England Humane Society and give a donation of your own in your fundraiser!

Thank Again

When the fundraiser is over, don’t forget to thank all who helped you raise money and save lives by posting on the fundraiser page! With the help of your friends and family who chose to give to New England Humane Society in your honor, we will be able to continue saving our community’s most vulnerable pets.

Sample Facebook Posts