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At the Hotel, we try to make the adoption process as streamline and simple as possible. That said, it is still our responsibility to make sure we match these dogs with the right home. We understand at times, that may disappoint some people. That is not our intention, but not every dog is a fit for every home. Please try to understand this during the process. A few things worth noting:

Homes with cats. We do not have the means to cat test dogs here at our facility. It is very rare that a dog MIGHT be in foster with a cat. If the dog you are interested in is over 6 months old, please email our adoption team and ask our thoughts prior to you completing an application. We will also note it on their Petfinder profile if they are cat friendly. We will not adopt an untested dog into a home with a cat. Your cat thanks us for this one.

If you lease/rent, please check with your landlord/lease prior to completing an application. Most people are unaware of the breed restrictions they have in place. Breed restrictions stink, but we have to follow the rules. We will need a copy of this in writing prior to approval.

We do not adopt adult dogs (6+ months old) to homes with children under 13 years old. We just do not have the ability to test our dogs on young children. We refer homes with young children to foster based organizations as these dogs are in homes and they tend to see a bit more than we can in a facility. Please note, this is not about how your children will respond to the dog, but how the dog will respond to children.

We do not require a fenced yard as a general rule, but we do for homes on main roads. Most of our dogs are a flight risk.

If you complete an application and do not hear from us – please check your spam! We find this happens more than we would like.
All of that said, thank you for considering one our of dogs in need for your best friend. Please note, once you adopt from the Hotel, you are part of a family. These dogs become a part of each of us. We love photos and updates – happy-ever-after’s make our days just a bit easier. For additional questions please contact our adoption team at Lastly, thank you for considering The Hotel for your new companion.


Do you have open adoption hours?
Adoptions are by appointment only. Please start by completing an adoption application on our website and one of our adoption coordinators will be in touch!

What are your adoption fees?
All adoption fees are listed on each animal’s profiles.

Do you adopt out of state?
Yes, we do. That said, please email us for further information as we do not adopt to all states.